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Andrelton Simmons may land on DL after dugout fall (vid)

Los Angeles Angels shortstop Andrelton Simmons was pulled out of Tuesday’s game against the Kansas City Royals before the third inning after slipping on the third-base dugout steps at Angel Stadium. Making matters worse, Simmons may have to endure a trip to the disabled list after the unfortunate mishap.

The incident occurred as Simmons navigated three steps of the Angels dugout, slipping on his way down. Simmons twisted his right ankle and crumpled on the dugout floor, suffering what has been diagnosed as a “pretty decent” right-ankle sprain, in his words.

Simmons made an appearance in the clubhouse long after the Angels’ 1-0 loss on crutches.

“I don’t even remember exactly how it happened, but I know I was coming in,” Simmons said, via The Los Angeles Times. “It’s simple and stupid, but it happens every once in a while, I guess.”

Simmons admitted it’s a “possibility” a stint on the DL could be in his future. But he plans to see how his ankle responds over the next couple of days.

Simmons is in the midst of a standout season, slashing at a .330/.399/.460 clip with four home runs and 34 RBI. And his defense has been as good as ever. Suffice to say, having Simmons end up on DL would be a huge blow to the Angels, who at 34-28 find themselves five games back of the Seattle Mariners in the AL West.

That said, Simmons believes a 10-day stint on the disabled list may be all it takes to return to health, if even that.

“I know I’m going to be OK, it’s just a matter of when I’m going to be ready to play,” Simmons said. “That’s the only question I have. I know tomorrow is going to be a little tough. I’ve sprained my ankle before, so it’s going to take one, two days, and after that I can move around pretty normally. So that’s what I’m hoping for.”