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Stephen Curry agrees with LeBron James, neither team will visit White House (vids)

Stephen Curry on Tuesday echoed LeBron James’ sentiments by stating there is no chance the Golden State Warriors would attend a White House ceremony should the team win another NBA title.

James earlier on Tuesday spoke on behalf of both the Warriors and Cavaliers, indicating he believed neither team would accept an invitation to visit the White House.

Meanwhile, Warriors head coach Steve Kerr, a frequent critic of the Donald Trump administration, weighed in on how the Philadelphia Eagles saw their invite to a White House ceremony scheduled for Tuesday rescinded by the President. Suffice to say, Kerr did not mince his words on the subject.

It warrants noting that the chances of an invitation actually being extended to either the Cavaliers or Warriors upon the conclusion of the NBA Finals is remote at best. The Warriors, after all, chose not visit the White House after winning an NBA title last year.

Still, to hear two of the biggest stars in the NBA in James and Curry come out once again against Trump signifies just how polarizing things have become when it comes to the president and the world of sports.