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Bill Belichick deflects questions about Eagles, NFL’s new anthem policy (vid)

Bill Belichick once again demonstrated expertise at deflecting questions he’d prefer not to answer, this time when asked Tuesday about the NFL’s new national anthem policy, among other issues.

Belichick was asked during his press conference at the New England Patriots’ first day of mandatory minicamp his thoughts on how Donald Trump abruptly rescinded his invitation to the Philadelphia Eagles for a ceremony planned for Tuesday in honor of the team’s Super Bowl LII victory. To no surprise, Belichick entirely avoided actually addressing the subject.

“We’re focused on what we’re doing,” Belichick said, via video from TMZ Sports. “We’re focused on what we’re doing today. We’re trying to have a good day.”

Belichick was then asked about the NFL’s controversial new anthem policy, which was recently approved by team owners that requires players and staff on the field to stand for the anthem. Players, though, will have the option to remain in the locker room during the pregame ceremony. Again, Belichick wasn’t biting.

“I don’t think we’re doing that today,” Belichick said. “We’re in OTAs. We’re focused on today. We’re focused on having a good practice today. That’s what we’re out here for. That’s what we’re going to concentrate on.”

Belichick has turned avoidance of questions having nothing to do with actual football into an art form. Given how the Eagles’ canceled White House visit, along with the league’s new anthem policy, continue to dominate NFL headlines, it’s not shocking reporters tried to ask Belichick about the two controversial and polarizing issues. And it’s not shocking how Belichick responded to the inquiries, either.