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Reggie Wayne disputes leaving New England because it ‘was not fun’

In recent months, former New England Patriots players have spoken out against and the “Patriot Way” with several claiming it isn’t fun to play for Bill Belichick. Former Indianapolis Colts wide receiver Reggie Wayne, who signed with the Patriots in 2015, decided to retire two weeks into his tenure.

Back then, there were reports that he wasn’t having fun in New England and that is why he decided to walk from the team. This week on the NFL Network, Wayne insisted that the notion he left because it wasn’t fun is false.

“There are some reports out there that I left New England because I said it was not fun or it was too hard. Those reports are false. The fact is, I was done. It was time for me to retire,” Wayne said. “There were other teams that wanted my services but I knew it was done for me.

“… Bill Belichick is not a party planner. That is not what he is in it for. I think he’s in it for winning championships, winning games for that organization,” Wayne said.”

Philadelphia Eagles offensive lineman Lane Johnson has been spouting off about the Patriots since the team’s Super Bowl LII victory, and has continued to recently, echoing the sentiments of other former Patriots. Former Patriots defensive end Cassius Marsh had recently said he did not like playing for Belichick after he was ended up with the Patriots via trade and then cut 11 games into his career in Foxborough.

Belichick’s mission, rightfully so, is to simply win football games, so having fun will always take a backseat as long as he is running the Patriots.