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Joey Votto reacts to Jerry Seinfeld, David Letterman talking about him

Jerry Seinfeld and David Letterman recently spent fair amount of time recently in an episode of the latter’s Netflix show, “My Next Guest Needs No Introduction,” discussing their interesting interactions with Cincinnati Reds star Joey Votto.

Given it was two comically-gifted individuals doing the chatting, it would appear Votto opted to react to the entertaining discussion with a bit of humor as well.

Letterman is a longtime Reds fans going back decades and the discussion begins with an interaction he had with Votto while attending a game at the Great American Ball Park. Seinfeld counters with an experience he had with Votto while attending a game at Dodger Stadium.

Votto was asked about the discussion between the two comic legends about him by The Athletic’s C. Trent Rosecrans. Here’s his reply.

Well played, Mr. Votto. He has to be joking around, right?

Votto is among the more interesting personalities in the game of baseball, to say the least. After all, this is the guy who jokingly blamed exiting a match-up with the San Francisco Giants at AT&T Park due to back tightness on the earthquake that occurred during the game.

The fact that both Letterman and Seinfeld had anecdotes about interesting encounters with the Votto should really come as no surprise.