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Adam Silver eager for 76ers to resolve Bryan Colangelo scandal

NBA commissioner Adam Silver on Thursday night conducted his annual pre-NBA Finals news conference. While many topics were covered, the one issue Silver appeared to be most uncomfortable discussing was the Twitter debacle currently plaguing Bryan Colangelo, the embattled Philadelphia 76ers president of basketball operations and general manager.

Colangelo has been accused using burner accounts on Twitter with untoward intentions. The unflattering revelations surrounding Colangelo allegedly using said accounts were laid out in great detail in a report from Ben Detrick of The Ringer published earlier this week.

Silver was vague in his comments about the scandal, not saying much beyond that the league is monitoring the situation.

“For the league, there is always that balance of speed and doing things in a deliberate and appropriate way. So I have talked to management at the 76ers, and the notion here was let’s find out what’s going on,” Silver said, via the New York Post. “The first thing we have to do here is determine what the actual facts are in this circumstance.

“I know the first thing that Josh Harris and his ownership group did was when presented with that story, which I believe came as a surprise to them, was to engage an outside law firm, a New York firm that specializes in these types of investigations,” Silver continued, “and said, ‘Here’s all the information we have. Our organization, all of us are available to you, and I know that includes Bryan Colangelo, and with deliberate speed, but don’t cut any corners, let us know what’s going on. … I have no information beyond that other than that the investigation is underway.”

Silver may get his wish as a report surfaced Thursday that the Sixers have contemplated firing Colangelo, per a report from The Philadelphia Inquirer.

The entire Twitter burner account fiasco of course is a huge embarrassment for the 76ers organization, and by extension, the NBA as well. It should come as no surprise that Silver is eager to see the matter resolved while clearly showing a preference for the league to not have to get involved.