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Vet saves the day after goose crashes into Comerica Park video banner (vid)

The troubling scene that played out Wednesday night at Comerica Park involving a literal wild goose chase had a happy ending thanks in large part to the quick thinking and expertise of one fan who came to the bird’s aid after it crashed into a video banner.

The incident played out during a rain delay in the sixth inning the Detroit Tigers and Los Angeles Angels. Comerica Park groundskeepers did their very best to get the Canada goose off the field, even shooting off fireworks to scare off the bird.

When the goose finally made its exit, an unfortunate incident played out when it crashed into a scoreboard and plummeted down into the lower-deck seats.

As the video shows, a Good Samaritan carefully tended to the goose. It turns out the fan, Catherine Roach, is a licensed veterinarian.

“I ran down there and told people, ‘Hey, I’m a veterinarian,'” Roach said, via theĀ Detroit Free Press. “They let me through and I was able to grab him.”

Roach carefully cradled the goose and was escorted out of the ballpark by security.

“He was alert. He was looking at me,” Roach said. “There’s a big thing of grass and bushes (outside Comerica), and I released him so he could hide. He ran into the bushes; he didn’t fly. I can imagine he’s dazed after that fall.”

The Tigers kept fans apprised of the goose’s condition in the ballpark as well as on social media.

Now, the Tigers become the latest MLB team to have a “rally” animal, as the team scored five runs in the sixth inning in a 6-1 victory.

“I don’t know — we broke up the goose eggs, OK,” Tigers skipper Ron Gardenhire quipped about the notion of a “Rally Goose,” via ESPN.

The most important thing of course is the goose is no worse for wear for the most part.

“We’re glad the goose is OK,” Gardenhire said. “That was not fun to watch when they were chasing him around and he went into the stands; that was scary.”

Thank goodness there was a vet in the house.