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Rudy Giuliani has odd take on Yankees fans booing him at game (vid)

Rudy Giuliani makes several appearances at Yankee Stadium during any given season to watch his beloved Bronx Bombers. The former Big Apple mayor and current attorney for Donald Trump was in the stands for the New York Yankees-Texas Rangers tilt on Memorial Day, and let’s just say Yankees fans did not give him the warmest reception.

In fact, the boo birds came out in abundance when the Yankee Stadium announcer noted Giuliani’s presence at the game. Making matters worse, not to mention much more awkward, the Yankees were wishing Giuliani a happy 74th birthday.

“The New York Yankees wish a very happy birthday to Mayor Giuliani,” an announcer said over the loudspeaker during the game, via CNN. The birthday greeting was greeted by loud and sustained boos throughout the crowd.

The awkward scene of course was shared on social media.

Giuliani was approached by a TMZ camera crew earlier this week and was asked about the unflattering welcome he received at the ballpark.

“I know Yankee fans … they boo you when they love you,” Giuliani quipped.

Exactly. Who else remembers all the times Yankees fans lustily booed Derek Jeter and Mariano Rivera? It was probably 50/50 when it came to booing or cheering for those guys.

To be fair, even the most revered Yankees icons received a smattering of boos from time to time during their careers. Yankees fans of course expect a lot out of their beloved team and its players. That said, the boos that rained down upon Giuliani on Monday — his birthday, no less — were an entirely different kind of Bronx Cheer.