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LeBron James ‘never really bought into’ notion of age limiting him

To LeBron James, age is nothing but a number.

The seemingly ageless 33-year-old, who likened himself to fine wine earlier this season , dismissed the notion that his advancing age somehow puts a “ceiling” on what he can accomplish.

“They always kind of talked about the NBA prime is like 27 [until] like 31, 32. That’s if you’re lucky, you’ll get to that point,” James said Wednesday, via ESPN’s Dave McMenamin. “I don’t know. I’ve just never really bought into that. I’ve never bought into a ceiling, either. You guys [in the media] talked about what’s your ceiling, and I’ve always kind of told you guys that I don’t really have a ceiling. I want to just try to maximize as much as I can and be as good as I can.”

James is making his eighth consecutive appearance in the NBA Finals with Game 1 against the Golden State Warriors on Thursday night. James so far has enjoyed arguably his finest postseason of his 15-year NBA career, averaging 34.0 points, 9.2 rebounds and 8.8 assists in a whopping 41.3 minutes per game.

“The level that I can play at is to be seen, but the level that I put into the game and put into my craft is who I am,” James said. “So numbers and things like that kind of take care of itself. But for me, I understand and I know how much I put into the game. So everything else is OK.”

Game 1 will mark James’ 101st appearance of 2017-18, the most games he’s ever played in one season, which once again documents that James will not be bound to any constraints typically imposed by getting older.

“Tomorrow [I will] suit up for the 101st consecutive time,” James said. “If I’m fortunate, I can suit up for — what is it, [107]? We’ll see what happens.”