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Daryl Morey says he doesn’t have a burner account amid Colangelo saga

Houston Rockets general manager Daryl Morey is among the more outspoken executives in the NBA. And that includes his activities on social media. Amid the debacle currently plaguing embattled Philadelphia 76ers president of basketball operations Bryan Colangelo involving burner accounts on Twitter, Morey insists he doesn’t have any such accounts.

Morey’s explanation for a lack of burner accounts is what makes his claim amusing.

“I get myself in enough trouble with my regular account,” Morey told the Houston Chronicle’s Jonathan Feigen. “I only have regular accounts.”

Morey is spot-on accurate in that self-assessment, as there have been a few occasions when his Twitter musings have ruffled feathers. Morey also once utilized social media to defend James Harden, so there have been perceptible positives from his Twitter usage as well.

Morey interestingly had some fun with the entire Colangelo debacle on Wednesday as the “Burnergate” soap opera spiraled out of control, engaging in some witty Twitter repartee about the saga with Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban. With that in mind — along with his denial of managing burner accounts — it’s safe to say that Morey is happy to enjoy the Colangelo situation play out from afar.