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Footage surfaces of Bill Belichick in a Chick Fil A drive-thru (vid)

Bill Belichick is currently leading the New England Patriots through Organized Team Activities, so the coach is presumably very busy this week.

Perhaps the time crunch prompted Belichick — as is the case for most folks who happen not to be considered perhaps the greatest head coach in NFL history — to hit a local fast food eatery for some much-needed sustenance.

Footage has surfaced this week of Belichick hitting a Chick Fil A drive-thru.

Belichick appeared to be pleasant enough while interacting with the Chick Fil A employee, which should not be a surprise despite the coach’s patented curmudgeonly countenance. After all, this is a fast-food — or is it “good food quickly” — staffer, not some meddling member of the media¬†asking annoying questions.

This young lady, on the other hand, was probably just asking Belichick if he wanted waffle fries with his chicken, or something. Wonder what he said. And if a guess had to be forwarded, Belichick probably opted for the Grilled Chicken Cool Wrap, as longtime girlfriend Linda Holliday probably has convinced him to eat healthier. It’s possible.