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MLB responds to Carlos Gomez’s criticism of drug testing policy

Major League Baseball on Wednesday responded to Tampa Bay Rays outfielder Carlos Gomez’s strong criticism of the league’s random drug testing policy, disputing his allegations that there is no randomness to it at all.

“Our Joint Drug Program, which is negotiated with the Players Association, is independently administered and has random testing procedures in place with no regard for a player’s birthplace, age, or any other factor,” the league’s statement read, via Tampa Bay Online. “Every aspect of the test selection process is randomized and de-identified, and every player is included each time random selection is conducted.

“This results in some players being tested more often than others, but, as a whole, MLB players are tested more frequently than any athletes in professional sports.”

Gomez revisited his issues with MLB policy this week after being tested for what he claims was the sixth or seventh time already this season. Gomez argued that the league’s drug testing policy is not random at all and instead targets older and/or Hispanic players.

“It’s not random. They pick names. Tell the truth. Tell the truth to the baseball world,” Gomez said in part Tuesday immediately upon the clubhouse being opened up to the media, via the Tampa Bay Times. “You’re going to tell me this is random? It’s not 1930 anymore. People know.

“… I’m not mad. I’m not upset. I just want the right answer. Why can’t they tell us this is not random. Why is that complicated? I’m going to continue to say this is not random until they show us (differently).”

Gomez previously blasted the league’s random drug testing policy earlier this month in an interview with Yahoo, in which he said in part, “It’s not random. It’s not random. I can put my hand on fire, it’s not random.”