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Damarious Randall hints at presumably less costly plan after viral tweet

Cleveland Browns safety Damarious Randall could not believe how a tweet about the NBA Finals he thought would garner little attention has blown up to such a degree he’s conceivably on the hook for millions up millions upon millions of dollars in jerseys.

Randall whipped Twitter up into a frenzy earlier this week by tweeting out he would buy a jersey for anyone who retweeted his post in which he articulates little faith in the possibility that the Cleveland Cavaliers could upset the heavily favored Golden State Warriors in the NBA Finals.

“Honestly, I didn’t think it was going to get over 100 [retweets], to be honest,” Randall admitted Wednesday after a Browns’ OTA  practice session, via ESPN.

Instead, the tweet absolutely blew up. As of Wednesday afternoon, Randall’s tweet has garnered nearly 800,000 retweets. If Randall were to make good on his promise, it would cost him approximately $77.9 million.

Fanatics owner Michael Rubin (who also co-owns the Philadelphia 76ers) stepped up and offered to sell Randall jerseys at wholesale should the Cavaliers upend the Warriors.

Even with Rubin’s offer, making good on his promise would still cost Randall an unrealistically absurd amount of money, although it was a nice gesture.

Given there is absolutely no way now that Randall could honor his commitment if the Cavaliers won the title, the Browns safety is now hinting at a presumably more realistic — not to mention less costly — alternative plan.

While Randall would not divulge any details, it would appear it may have some charity-related aspect to it.

“We’ll talk about this after the series is over,” Randall said.

But most of all, what Randall has learned most from the ordeal — outside of the perils of making such proclamations on social media — is how passionate Cleveland sports fans are about their teams. After all, this is Randall’s first season with the Browns.

“I definitely didn’t think the Cleveland fan base would go this crazy about it,” Randall said. “Obviously, it is a joke. Just to know how passionate this fan base is, it is really encouraging.”