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Curt Schilling, Arian Foster spar on Twitter over ABC canceling ‘Roseanne’

One of the biggest stories of the week beyond the world of sports is ABC’s quick decision to cancel the hit “Roseanne” reboot after the show’s star fired off a racially insensitive tweet which many have labeled as outright racist.

To no surprise, Curt Schilling, no stranger to heated rhetoric that invites controversy on social media, had some thoughts of his own on Roseanne Barr’s sudden downfall.

Schilling took to Twitter to blast the move, calling it hypocritical for the network to fire Barr while its parent organization, The Walt Disney Company, keeps “racist and race baiting frauds” like Jemele Hill, Bomani Jones and Stephen A. Smith — all African-Americans employed by ESPN — on the payroll.

Schilling also referred to Keith Olbermann — another personality in the employ of ESPN — a “scum of a human” in the tweet.

It warrants mentioning that ESPN fired Schilling in 2016 after he shared a Facebook post that was deemed by many as anti-transgender.

Interestingly, Schilling’s inflammatory tweet elicited a response from former star NFL running back Arian Foster.

To which Shilling replied:

Schilling has long railed against what he perceives as ESPN’s liberal agenda since being fired by the company. In fact, Schilling believes his conservatism alone led to his dismissal, not necessarily the content of his commentary.

Schilling, who now dabbles in conservative punditry, from time to time re-surfaces in the world of sports. Although on this occasion, Schilling was motivated by taking shots at his previous employer in sports media as opposed to actually talking sports.