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Christian McCaffrey downplays new bulked-up physique (pics)

Taking one look at Christian McCaffrey at Carolina Panthers OTAs makes it abundantly clear the running back put in a ton of work in the weight room heading into his second NFL season.

Photographs posted to Instagram by the Panthers in recent days showcase an insanely ripped McCaffrey, who clearly added a lot of bulk to his listed 5-foot-11, 205-pound frame.


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OTAs Week 1:

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While McCaffrey’s new, bulked-up physique not surprisingly has been turning heads, the 21-year-old running back is attempting to downplay the significance of his musclebound frame.

“I just got ’em out, I guess. I don’t know. It might be a tan, I’m not sure,” McCaffrey said, while claiming he’s only added “about five pounds of good muscle” this offseason, via the Panthers’ official site. “I’m just trying to win games.”

“… “I just want to play where I feel fastest, where I feel most explosive, where I feel most comfortable, McCaffrey continued. “I don’t want to be too heavy or too light. I just go off comfort. If I grow, I grow. I think I’m definitely still growing. I’m 21 still, so hopefully, as I get older and older, I’ll continue to grow physically and mentally.”

McCaffrey enjoyed a respectable, although not spectacular, rookie campaign in 2017, rushing for 435 yards on 117 carries for a 3.7 average. With McCaffrey slated to see a heavier workload next season after Jonathan Stewart signed with the Giants, he hopes his  aggressive training habits this offseason will pay dividends on the field.

“It’s not like I’ve found some secret sauce that’s going to make me break tackles. It’s really just continuing to train and continuing to get better in every area and eventually that stuff will come,” McCaffrey said. “It’s nothing I haven’t been doing. It’s just continuing to work.”