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Tom Brady tosses football on mega-yacht at F1 Monaco Grand Prix (vids)

Whether it is a backyard, in the frigid conditions of Gillette Stadium during a New England Patriots playoff game, or … on the water in the summer — expect Tom Brady to always be tossing around the pigskin somewhere in the world.

Footage has surfaced of Brady throwing footballs on a mega-yacht while attending the Formula One Monaco Grand Prix.

To nobody’s surprise, Brady completed the pass on the first try. Although, the pass almost proved to be an errant one due to a late reaction by the receiver, before a Wes Welker-esque adjustment was made.

Seeing quarterbacks dropping dimes in such a manner has been seen before, as two QBs from from this year’s NFL Draft class,  Sam Darnold and Mason Rudolph, have engaged in such antics.

As far as degree of difficulty, the edge should be given to the rookies, as throwing to a Jet ski on a post route to the center of the water is pretty impressive. However, these two young signal-callers obviously have a long way to go before they’re on the level of Tom Terrific on the real gridiron.