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Shaquille O’Neal argues Kevin Love only needs ‘Advil’ to play in Game 7

If there’s one group one ought to expect to push a lot of buttons it’s the crew on TNT’s “Inside the NBA.” And on Saturday night, Shaquille O’Neal certainly did just that when addressing how Kevin Love has been declared out for Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals on Sunday night due to a concussion.

Speaking from a competitor’s standpoint, O’Neal argued a player should do whatever it takes to play with a team’s playoff life on the line. Shaq of course played in a decade where head injuries and concussions were not looked at closely. If a player could nod “Yes,” he went back into the game. Here is the video, and transcript of the conversation:

Yahoo Sports got the full transcript:

O’Neal: “Ain’t nothing holding me from no Game 7. I’m going straight to Walgreen’s, getting some Advil.
Barkley: “And some Icy Hot! I’m with you on those things. I’m not missing a Game 7.”
Johnson: “I thought you said you were a doctor.”
O’Neal: “I am a doctor.”
Johnson: “You’ve got a concussion, take an Advil.”
O’Neal: “That’s right. I’m ready to go to work.”

Love obviously is well past the Advil stage given the seriousness that ought to be paid to head injuries, despite O’Neal’s hot take. As far as this conversation goes, Shaq’s questionable chatter about painkillers is one thing, but Barkley’s talk of Icy Hot makes absolutely no sense when it comes to a head injury. The case can be made the NBA on TNT crew never should have gone down this road when it comes to discussing Love’s concussion.