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Michelle Beadle eviscerates NFL over new national anthem policy (vid)

Seismic news arrived on Wednesday out of the National Football League when a new official policy regarding league-wide standards for the national anthem was ratified by owners.

As was the case with the anthem protests conducted by players that inspired the new rules, the NFL’s handling of the issue already has sparked passionate responses both for and against the institution of such policies.

From her scathing comments Wednesday morning in which she eviscerates the NFL, ESPN’s Michelle Beadle is most definitely among those strongly opposed to the new measures.

“This is mind-boggling to me, they just cannot see the forest for the trees,” Beadle said on “Get Up” Thursday morning, as transcribed by The Spun. “They continue to fuel the flames that come from a lot of the fan base that has completely convoluted what the original message was in the first place.

“By the way, if you’re wondering, Google Sterling Brown today, because there’s a video coming out later today with Milwaukee Bucks (player) Sterling Brown that’s the exact reason why these guys feel the way they feel and have every right to feel the way they feel. And now you’re going to once again put the onus on the players and like Jalen said make them be responsible for the entire team because you don’t want to open your mind. You don’t want to listen.

“You want to pretend like you’re having meetings and you’re giving money to these causes. ‘We’re really here for you guys, we care!’ You don’t care. And what you could do is get out in front of it and make the fans understand why this continues to happen instead of turning it into a protest of the flag, of the troops, of this country. It’s never been about any of those things.

“But they want to continue to just fan those flames. Fan the flames so the fans continue to talk out of their heinies and we’re still here. Good, do this, and have all teams kneel. Because what are you going to do? Just keep giving penalties back and forth? This is going to be a great start to a football game.

“… I think we know very well how the NFL feels about this. So man up, make the rule so we can all just be clear about it. Because we know, you don’t want these guys kneeling, you don’t want any sticky situations, you don’t want to address the topic, you don’t want to admit that we might actually have a problem in this country – or many problems in this country.

“We get it. You don’t want to talk about it. Then just say that. But every time you do one of these things, I just roll my eyes and it becomes a bigger and bigger joke.”

The case can be made that the new anthem policies only exacerbate the polarizing debate concerning anthem protests in the NFL and the greater sports world. It has only been less than one day since the news was announced and it’s already become a controversial, hot-button topic that has transcended the league and dominated the news landscape. And there’s no question debate will continue.