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Dak Prescott on NFL’s new anthem policy: ‘I’ll be out there standing’

Dak Prescott, unlike many of his fellow NFL players, regards the league instituting a clear policy concerning expected conduct during the national anthem as a positive.

“I’m glad they came to an agreement in some form or another,” Prescott said, via the Star Telegram. “I’ll be out there standing.”

NFL owners approved the new anthem policy on Wednesday that specifies all players must stand during the anthem. Although players will be allowed to opt to remain in the locker room during the pregame ceremony. Teams with players or personnel who do not abide by the rules will be subject to fines.

Prescott, however, is unsure how his Dallas Cowboys teammates feel about the new policy, let alone what they intend to do when confronted with making a decision on how to approach the issue.

“I can’t speak for all these Cowboys players but I’m not sure,” Prescott said. “I’m pretty sure we all kind of know what Jerry said, what his statement was last year and I don’t see that changing, so who knows? We’ll figure that out when it gets to that time.”

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones of course found himself in the middle of the anthem controversy last season. And the way Jones handled it reportedly irked several members of the Cowboys coaching staff.

Speaking of Jones, Cowboys defensive end DeMarcus Lawrence says he’ll follow the owner’s directives on the issue.

“I feel like I’m not an owner … yet, so I can’t make none of those rules,” Lawrence said. “I’ve just got to abide by them, it’s still a business at the end of the day, so it is what it is.”

Suffice to say, the reactions of both Prescott and Lawrence to then anthem issue are far more practical and measured than many of their more vocal NFL colleagues, not to mention at least one prominent media personality.

Given it’s been less than a day since the bombshell development came about, discussions concerning the new controversy over how the NFL is handling the anthem controversy surely will continue for quite some tie.