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Awesome GIF documents Bartolo Colon’s evolution on 45th birthday

Thursday marks the 45th birthday of the ageless Bartolo Colon, who inexplicably continues to produce in his stupefying 21st season in Major League Baseball. To put his amazing longevity in perspective, after starting his MLB career in 1997 with the Cleveland Indians, Colon played his eighth big-league season with the Montreal Expos.

In honor of the “Big Sexy” hitting the big 4-5, ESPN created a fantastic GIF showcasing how Colon has “evolved” in his two-decade-plus MLB career.

And here’s another nugget documenting just how remarkable how long Colon’s career has been.

How does Colon stack up to random goings-on in the world over 20-plus years?

Random nuggets, via

In baseball …

– More than 3,000 players have started and ended their careers, including David Ortiz (Sept. 2, 1997-Oct. 10, 2016), Paul Konerko (Sept. 8, 1997-Sept. 28, 2014) and Carlos Beltran (Sept.14, 1998-Oct. 31, 2017).

In pop culture …

– He’s been pitching during the release of five of the nine Star Wars trilogy films (and could reach six if he plays next year).

In technology …

– Bart’s career has outlasted the iPod Classic, Nano and Shuffle and iPhones 1 through X.

Happy Birthday, Bartolo Colon. Here’s to another year in the big leagues. And how about another one in 2019? Shoot, anything’s possible with this guy. Just look at his offseason workout regimen.