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Don Mattingly praises Derek Jeter’s ‘mindset’ despite continued missteps

Derek Jeter continues to generate headlines in his first year as the face of the Miami Marlins’ front office. Oftentimes thus far, the news about the Marlins since Jeter assumed control of the organization as co-owner and CEO this past offseason has been less than flattering, to say the least.

That said, Marlins manager Don Mattingly has complete faith in Jeter’s ability to turn around the organization. In fact, Mattingly praised Jeter for his baseball acumen and overall “mindset.”

Mattingly admitted there only has been occasional interaction between himself and Jeter of late. Still, Mattingly has been left impressed.

“What’s stood out is the consistency of what he wants,’’ Mattingly said Tuesday, via the New York Post. “You can tell he knows exactly what he wants from the organization. He’s got a mindset of building it and building it the right way and sticking with it. From the very first meeting, it was ‘We’re gonna build this thing, do it right and we’re not gonna get off the plan.’ The plan’s not gonna change in three or four months. That was the start of it and from there it’s continued.”

Jeter and Mattingly of course go way back, as the latter served as the former’s hitting coach for three seasons and as bench coach for one season with the New York Yankees.

Jeter’s short tenure as the Marlins boss has been messy. From clumsily handling the dismissal of a longtime scout — who was battling cancer and needed a kidney transplant — to the gutting of the team’s roster, it’s been rough start.

The Marlins just recently pulled credentials from a media member, allegedly because the organization did not approve of his coverage of the team. And all this comes amid the Marlins (18-30) having the second-worst record in baseball.

It’s hardly surprising that Mattingly would say such things about Jeter. After all, the Marlins skipper is talking about his boss. That said, Donnie Baseball is not the first member of the Yankees’ esteemed fraternity to rally around the beleaguered Jeter