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Blue Jackets prospect’s lengthy illness spawned by two-foot tapeworm

No one could figure out what was ailing Columbus Blue Jackets prospect Carson Meyer for months, something that led to the Miami (OH) forward to struggle mightily in his sophomore campaign after putting up good numbers in his freshman year.

Doctors tested for mononucleosis and other diseases. Other specialists were employed who attempted to seek out the root of Meyer’s protracted and troubling illness, which included fatigue and weight loss. And then Meyer disgustingly leaned the source of his ailment during a visit to the bathroom:

A more-than-two-foot-long tapeworm.

“I was going to the bathroom, just like normal,” Meyer said, via The Athletic. “And it came out.”

It was a 25-inch tapeworm — the head, the neck and all of the segments, about 50 of them. It was orange. Meyer almost fainted.

“I FaceTimed my mom and was like, ‘What the hell is this thing?’ ” Meyer said. “I was freaking out. Absolutely freaking out.”

To say it is perfectly understandable that Meyer was freaking out following such a gruesome discovery does not do what he experienced justice. The tapeworm was identified as diphyllobothrium latum, per Puck Daddy, which can come from eating under-cooked fish.

Meyer, drafted in the sixth round of the 2017 NHL Draft by the Blue Jackets, now plans to transfer out of Miami (OH). Although he does not entirely blame the RedHawks for the inability to properly identify and diagnose the source of his illness to the tapeworm.

“I don’t blame them for having no idea what was going on,” Meyer, 20, said. “But I think they probably regret the way they handled it now. I didn’t like the way it was handled. They had no idea just like I had no idea, but they used a bunch of different tactics to get me out of what they thought was just a slump.”

It certainly was not merely a slump, to say the least. Just a 25-inch tapeworm.