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Dr. Pepper retires college football commercial character Larry Culpepper

Larry Culpepper, the polarizing soda-dispensing character popularized in Dr. Pepper commercials, is no more.

Jim Connor, the actor who portrayed the college football fanatic Culpepper, on Monday confirmed to former Cornhuskers star  Adam Carriker that he would not be back for Dr. Pepper’s commercial campaigns in the upcoming college football season. Connor stated portraying Culpepper “rocked by world” and was an “incredible gig.”

On Tuesday, Dr. Pepper confirmed via statement Larry Culpepper will not be back.

“Larry Culpepper has been a great part of our Dr Pepper college football sponsorship for the past four years and has helped us delight fans throughout the season,” the statement read, via AdAge. “With the renewal of our college football sponsorship, we’ve decided to take our football-related advertising in a new creative direction and are planning an all-new campaign this season. We are as committed as ever to our college football partnership as we head toward the 150th anniversary of the game, and we are looking forward to engaging and exciting fans in new ways.”

The retiring of the Culpepper is likely to be celebrated by some and bemoaned by others. While some loved the concession worker’s oddball antics, there were just as many who grew tired of the bit.

Either way, so long Larry Culpepper. What a long, strange trip it has been.