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Cryptic Instagram post inspires concern about DeMar DeRozan

DeMar DeRozan earlier this year exhibited tremendous courage by opening up about struggles with depression and mental health issues. And now a cryptic Instagram story posted by the Toronto Raptors superstar has inspired some concern among the team’s fans.

The Toronto Raptors star, who features in the NBA’s mental health PSA, posted on his Instagram story “Dark days, darker nights . . .” early Tuesday morning, via the Toronto Star.

The words, set in type so tiny it was almost unreadable, against a black background, are also the title of a 2014 song by American hip-hop artist Tedashii.

DeRozan first disclosed his struggles with depression in a February tweet.

DeRozan, along with Cleveland Cavaliers superstar Kevin Love — who acknowledged mental health issues of his own earlier this season — star in a PSA for the NBA that has been airing in the postseason.

The Raptors superstar continued to discuss his personal experiences with depression during the postseason in the hope it might help someone out there struggling on their own.

“When we get to speak out against something that’s bigger than basketball — something outside of the conversation of basketball — it’s important, man,” DeRozan said. “A lot of people suffer from a lot of things. They’re afraid to share, they’re afraid to bring to the light and be better. It starts very young. It goes a long way. So anything that’s beneficial to (bringing) this to light and being happier, that’s what it’s all about.”

Despite DeRozan’s openness on the issue, his cryptic Instagram story left some fans worried.

“Could this be a reference to his mental health, or is this just something completely unrelated,” a Raptors fan wrote on Reddit. “I hope he’s just enjoying a song but man, hope it’s not him going through something.”