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Billy Ripken drilled in face by line drive in MLB Network hitting demonstration (vid)

Things could not have gone worse during an on-air hitting demonstration Monday on MLB Network. Well, at least for Billy Ripken. Everyone else got to laugh in disbelief over how a simple segment went off the rails so quickly … again from Mr. Ripken’s perspective.

Watch as Sean Casey lines one right back up the middle and drills a crouching Ripken square in the face.

“OH MY GOD,” indeed, especially given Casey was supposed to be demonstrating hitting to the opposite field when he lined a come-backer right at Ripken.

Thankfully, Ripken, the hard-nosed former ballplayer that he is, simply shrugged off the shot to the face, joking after Casey apologized, “I guess I should put my hand up next time.”

Good call.