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Carlos Gonzalez jokes about AT&T Park’s seagulls after Rockies win (vid)

Carlos Gonzalez led the Colorado Rockies to a 5-3, extra-inning victory Thursday night over the San Francisco Giants at AT&T Park with a two-out, two-run, bases-loaded single in the 12th inning.

After the game, though, CarGo weighed in on how the extra-inning affair caused the ballpark’s frequently disruptive avian denizens to grow impatient.

As is often the case at the AT&T Park, seagulls made their presence known as the game progressed.

After the game, Gonzalez weighed in on the often-overwhelming nefarious presence of the seagulls at the Giants’ home park.

“It was just time for them to take over the stadium,” Gonzalez said with laugh, via The Denver Post. “Every time you play past the ninth inning they get (ticked) off and you know they are going to show up.”

Asked if it freaked him out to share the outfield with dive-bombing seagulls, Gonzalez quipped: “It’s part of the show, right? You play in this (National League West) division for 10 years, you know they are going to come.”

As Gonzalez mentions, he’s been coming to San Francisco for a long time and is well-accustomed to dealing with AT&T Park’s seagull issue. Still, watching the birds descend upon the stadium and start dive-bombing the outfield — and elsewhere — remains a sight to behold.