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Jeff Van Gundy has great line about Cavs’ uneasy on-court interactions (vid)

Jeff Van Gundy was on the call for ESPN’s coverage of Tuesday night’s showdown between the Cleveland Cavaliers and Boston Celtics in Game 2 of the Eastern Conference Finals at TD Garden.

Van Gundy, known for dropping a fantastic one-liner on occasion during games, delivered a brilliant one while making note of how the on-court interaction between Cavs players belie something may not be right on an interpersonal level.

Here’s how the veteran announcer and former NBA head coach chronicled the scene during the fourth quarter as the Celtics took control of a game that ended with a 107-94 victory that gave Boston a 2-0 series edge.

“The Cavs eye roll each other more than a couple in a bad marriage,” Van Gundy observed.


There of course never is any shortage of drama on a LeBron James-led team, as current Cavaliers teammate Kevin Love can surely attest given his tumultuous history with the King. That said, James did go out of his way to praise his teammates for how they stepped up to the challenge in a series sweep of the Toronto Raptors in the semifinals.

That said, it has been historically difficult for James to hide his disappointment with teammates when things go awry on the floor. Perhaps Van Gundy is on to something here. Although it would appear it’s not James alone who was the target of Van Gundy’s observational, yet amusing, one-liner.

LeBron not surprisingly refused to say the Cavaliers are in panic mode despite being in an 0-2 hole. The team will try to right the ship with the series heading to Cleveland for Game 3 on Saturday and Game 4 Monday. Hopefully for the Cavs, the team’s chemistry will be much improved within the friendlier confines of Quicken Loans Arena.