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Bryce Harper won’t play ball when asked Yankees questions by NY media

Bryce Harper and the Washington Nationals are hosting the New York Yankees for a two-game set this week at Nationals Park.

Not surprisingly in light of how the Yankees have long been considered among the presumed front-runners should Harper elect to leave D.C. in free agency — although there are others — the assembled New York media in town peppered Harper with questions in an effort to get him to tip his hand on his much ballyhooed future.

What should not come as a shock, in light of what Harper has had to say previously about not being inclined to discuss such matters, is that Harper refused to play ball with reporters, some of whom attempted to slyly get the slugger to say something of some substance. The gambits failed.

Ahead of Tuesday’s game that ultimately was called due to rain in the sixth inning, Harper politely invited the Big Apple media throng over to where he was holding court in the Nationals clubhouse.

“Come on over,” Harper said with a wave of his arm, as relayed by The Washington Post.

When asked if he counted Mickey Mantle among his baseball heroes and was a Yankees fan growing up — both seemingly true observations, given what Harper has said and done in the past — the Nationals superstar would not bite.

“I’m a National now,” Harper quipped before going into “canned phrases” about leading his current team to wins, as noted in The Post’s report.

Another reporter asked Harper about Yankees prospect Clint Frazier, who previously had a Twitter discussion with Harper about their respective iconic hairstyles. Frazier, who once sported long hair, ultimately accepted the Yankees’ stringent and longstanding grooming policy on such matters and got himself a substantial trim. A reporter asked if Harper noticed it.

“Not really,” Harper said. “I don’t know what you’re trying to ask me.”

In other words, try as they might, the New York media was not about to get Harper to slip up and reveal one iota of information Yankees-related or otherwise. Better luck next time.