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Kevin Love says Cavs laughed off Rodney Hood’s apology

Rodney Hood caused some drama during the Cleveland Cavaliers’ semifinal series sweep of the Toronto Raptors by refusing to enter Game 4 with the outcome well in hand. While Hood did the right thing and apologized for creating a distraction, it appears it was much ado about nothing as Kevin Love indicated the team laughed off the mea culpa.

“Things like that happen in the course of a season,” Love said Thursday, via “I mean, I’ve only known Rodney for a short period of time, but I know he’s a great guy. I know he’s here to win. Was that a great decision? Maybe not. But he came in today, said he’s all in and we believe him.

“That’s why we were able to laugh it off.”

Hood claimed he refused to enter the game because he believed Jose Calderon, who was warming up, should have been the one to get on the court. As far as his apology was concerned, Hood quickly learned the Cavaliers already had left the issue in the past.

“They was like, ‘Hood, that’s not really a distraction’ because of everything that they’ve been through this year, so they all took light of it,” Hood said. “They understand, so it wasn’t anything really.”

The Cavaliers obviously are well-accustomed to dealing with myriad distractions and drama. It comes with the territory with the presence of Lebron, although James himself normally is able to help navigate such obstacles. While some teams would suffer residual fallout from the antics Hood pulled, there’s little doubt the Cavaliers are just fine.

And with the quasi-controversy behind them, the Cavs can begin preparation in earnest for Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals Sunday afternoon at TD Garden.