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Jemele Hill: Donald Trump uses athletes like Colin Kaepernick ‘as a chew toy for his base’

Jemele Hill this week continued her criticism of Donald Trump by arguing the President uses Colin Kaepernick — among other politically active athletes — as “as a chew toy for his base.”

Hill expressed her thoughts on how Trump last week indicated interest in holding a summit with the likes of Kaepernick and Kanye West during an appearance on Wednesday’s edition of Complex’s “Out of Bounds.”

“That to me made it seem as if this is really about a photo op,” Hill said, as transcribed by Total Pro Sports. “This is really about an optic to be able to say ‘oh look’ — especially, you know, midterms are coming pretty soon — to be able to say ‘Oh look I sat down with x.”

Hill’s skepticism about the summit also leads her to believe those invited would be subjected to backlash if they were previously critical of Trump and declined an invitation.

“I think maybe the other part of it, too, is that if some of these musicians and athletes who have been critical of him, if they don’t show up, that will also be used as a chew toy for his base again to say, ‘See, I tried but this,,” Hill added.

Hill was removed from her post as “SportsCenter” anchor in January and named Chief Correspondent and Senior Columnist for ESPN’s “The Undefeated.” Leaving “SC6” came amid a frenzied firestorm after Hill criticized Trump, something that caused her some trouble with ESPN’s higher-ups.

However, Hill received support from some big names in sports in the wake of her controversial remarks about Trump last year. She has since stated she stands by what she said when accusing Trump of being a white supremacist on Twitter.

Trump has been heavily immersed in the goings-on in professional sports since taking office, in particular the NFL and the anthem protest controversy.

Kaepernick, meanwhile, remains embroiled in a collusion lawsuit against the NFL in which he accuses team owners of conspiring to keep him out of the league due to his outspoken political beliefs and social activism.