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David Fizdale tight-lipped about Knicks’ rumored pursuit of LeBron James

David Fizdale on Tuesday night spoke fondly of his relationship with LeBron James. That said, the recently hired New York Knicks head coach was not about to say anything concerning rumors the team would pursue the superstar should he become a free agent this summer.

Appearing Tuesday on ESPN Radio’s “The Michael Kay Show” after being formally introduced by the Knicks earlier in the day, Fizdale mentioned how James and Dwyane Wade — both of whom he established a close bond when he served as an assistant with the Miami Heat — went to bat for him after being fired by the Memphis Grizzlies last season.

“I can’t put a price tag on that,’’ Fizdale said, via the New York Post. “They care about you so much, they’re going to come out publicly when you’re fired whether they know the whole story or not. They just know I’m a heckuva guy and a good coach.”

That is where any James talk ended, however.

“I can’t talk about none of that stuff,’’ Fizdale said after Kay asked him point-blank if James would be in a Knicks uniform next season. “That’s so far off limits. All I’m talking about is these guys right now. We have so much work to do before free agency.’’

The Knicks reportedly are examining ways in which the organization can free up cap space needed to make a run at luring James to New York. The logistical and financial gymnastics are considerable, and given the Knicks certainly cannot be considered a contender for a championship by any means further makes a James signing unrealistic. Although Fizdale’s presence certainly does not hurt, obviously.

Although Fizdale segued from the LeBron chatter into how the Knicks aren’t really considered an attractive free agency destination for players in the first place, much less one for James.

“(Free agents) are not just going to go there to live in New York City,’’ Fizdale said. “You’re going there to be in a culture. When you start showing that through action, players are going to come. New York is a special place.”