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Brad Marchand on licking opponents: ‘I’ve got to cut that [expletive] out’

Brad Marchand, after a few days of reflection following the Boston Bruins’ ouster from the postseason, evidently has come to the realization that his bizarre penchant of licking opponents has to stop.

Marchand on two occasions during the Stanley Cup Playoffs licked an opponent. The entire saga began during the Bruins’ first-round series against the Toronto Maple Leafs when Marchand appeared to lick — or at the very least get up close and personal — Leo Komarov.

And then in the team’s second-round series against the Tampa Bay Lightning, Marchand licked the face of forward Ryan Callahan, which inspired a pretty awesome troll-job by one fan.

The Bruins were eliminated in five games by the Lightning and their season ended Sunday. Marchand originally railed against the NHL issuing a formal warning indicating any further licking antics would be “dealt with by way of supplemental discipline.”

Marchand called the entire situation “pretty stupid” at the time. It’s now clear Marchand has changed his tune, telling reporters at his exit interview Wednesday that he’s “got to cut that [expletive] out.

It will be interesting to see if Marchand is able to curtail the patently absurd and off-the-wall antics. After all, one could reasonably expect it to never occur in the first place. However, admitting a problem is often the first step, even when it involves … ridiculously licking other people.