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Cavaliers tweet great reaction to ‘SNL’ spoof about LeBron’s supporting cast

The Cleveland Cavaliers put the NBA on notice with a convincing series sweep that culminated with Monday’s 128-93 throttling of the Toronto Raptors in the teams’ semifinal showdown. LeBron James of course led the Cavaliers to a spot in the Eastern Conference Finals, but the King nevertheless made sure to praise his teammates for making significant contributions along the way.

An un-aired sketch from last week’s edition of “Saturday Night Live” with Donald Glover as host, however, began making the rounds online that spoofed James’ supposed less-than-stellar supporting cast, titled, “The Other Cavaliers.”

As noted, James has gone out of his way to credit his teammates for their play in the series against the Raptors, even if James does have to do more heavy lifting than any other player in the league. James in a broader sense was asked about criticism of his teammates — which indirectly included the “SNL” sketch —  and made it clear such noise has no impact upon him whatsoever.

“It’s all action to me,” James said. “I don’t get caught up in that. But I knew mentally, maybe, what was going on in their head. … for me, it’s about, I’m going to show them how much I trust them and how much I believe in them. But it’s nothing that I had to say verbally.”

That said, the Cavaliers’ official Twitter account had the final say on the matter Monday night as the team was wrapping up its series sweep. The tweet essentially indicated such things only inspire and motivate the team.

The Raptors, despite having been thoroughly humbled — again — by the Cavs in the postseason, took to Twitter as well to react to the original tweet.