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Ravens seem to love Lamar Jackson, except apparently Joe Flacco

Similar to the uncomfortable situation playing out post-NFL Draft in Pittsburgh with Big Ben and Mason Rudolph, it appears the same may be occurring within the Baltimore Ravens organization as well.

Both the Ravens and Steelers recognize their veteran quarterbacks cannot play forever, so the time has come to make plans for the future by drafting successors. However, competitors like Joe Flacco and Ben Roethlisberger aren’t going to stand idly by as their spot atop the depth chart is perceptively threatened. And it’s clear the Ravens love Lamar Jackson for what he may bring to the table in the future.

“The thing I was really impressed with was I thought he was accurate,” Harbaugh said of Jackson, via ESPN. “You read the reports and stuff like that, but he’s a naturally talented thrower. He’s got natural arm talent. That’s something that I think people were questioning, so to see him out here throwing the ball naturally and very accurately, I thought that was a big plus.”


Given how things are playing out, it would seem that Flacco — who is not owed any guaranteed money on his deal following the 2018 season — may be starting to feel the pressure, as he has not even made an attempt to speak with the rookie Jackson.

Furthermore, Flacco declined to speak with reporters about the Ravens’ draft during the team’s Draft Fest, saying, “I don’t believe I’m talking today.”

Flacco appears to be keenly aware of the direction the Ravens are taking with the selection of Jackson. As it stands, Flacco threw for 3,141 yards, 18 touchdowns and 13 interceptions last season as the Ravens posted a 9-7 record.