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Steve Kerr: Draymond Green is the ‘ultimate irritant,’ ‘ultimate antagonist’

Draymond Green, while undoubtedly a fantastic player, has cultivated a rather unsavory reputation due to his style of play and outspoken nature. The Golden State Warriors star is beloved by the team’s fans and reviled by opposing fan bases and occasionally even his opponents.

Steve Kerr not surprisingly recognizes how Green is perceived. But the Warriors head coach intimated that Green, despite what some may say publicly, would be warmly received by every other NBA team.

Kerr even took it one step further, saying that Green even would be Public Enemy No. 1 at the Warriors’ home arena if the star were to show up wearing another team’s uniform, even by his own current teammates.

“Let’s be honest — if Draymond were on a different team, nobody at Oracle would like him,” Steve Kerr said Wednesday in an interview on KNBR 680, via NBC Sports Bay Area. “Nobody on our team would like him. He’s the ultimate irritant. He’s the ultimate antagonist.

“And when he’s on your team — oh man do you love him. He competes so hard and he generates so much energy and competitive desire. He brings this edge to the game. We would not have a single championship without Draymond. I know that. He’s such a huge factor for us in every series because of his versatility.

“But he’s just one of those guys who no matter what happens, there’s gonna be a lot of stuff going on. And I love it — we need that.”

Kerr’s compelling assessment of Green of course comes amid “Playoff Draymond” once again emerging this postseason. Green has been at his antagonistic best thus far, highlighted by his run-ins with Rajon Rondo during Golden State’s semifinal series with the New Orleans Pelicans.

The situation inspired TNT analyst Charles Barkley to say earlier this week something about punching Green in the mouth. Green subsequently challenged Barkley to do so himself, with Sir Charles ultimately apologizing for his commentary.

The notion that Barkley would actually back down from anything he said demonstrates what a polarizing figure Green has become in the NBA.