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James Harden involved in two incidents with Jazz fans during Game 2 (vids)

James Harden on Wednesday night had two run-ins with Utah Jazz fans who appeared to be heckling him during the Houston Rockets’ 116-108 Game 2 loss at Toyota Center.

Both incidents occurred when Harden was either walking in or out of the tunnel. In one instance, the Rockets superstar actually swiped at the Jazz fan’s cellphone as he walked past. What seemed to inspire the hostile interaction is how he called Harden “still the worst flopper in the NBA.”

Afterward, a Toyota Center security staffer confronted the Jazz fan about the incident, ordering him to return to his seat, among other admonitions.

Another confrontation between Harden and a Jazz fan occurred as the Rockets headed to the locker room at halftime. Harden appeared to make a move while being taunted, causing the Jazz fan to flinch. Harden’s teammate Nene then proceeded to push back the fan.

Once again, the Jazz fan subsequently had a discussion with arena security about the incident.

Both confrontations presumably will draw the attention of the NBA, especially as the events of Game 2 occurred amid a broader discussion concerning whether or not heckling fans are going too far during games.

It will be interesting to see how the league addresses both situations, especially given contact between a player and a fan occurred in both incidents.

Not only that, there also was a confrontation the other night between Cleveland Cavaliers player Kendrick Perkins and Toronto Raptors superfan Drake at Air Canada Centre. Another unfortunate situation occurred involving Russell Westbrook and another Jazz fan during the Oklahoma City Thunder’s first-round series.

Suffice to say, the NBA has a serious issue on its hands that demands close examination.