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Rockies send fully uniformed rookie Noel Cuevas on coffee run (pics)

The Colorado Rockies on Wednesday engaged in some friendly rookie hazing — although the team would be wise not to refer to it as such — by sending Noel Cuevas on a coffee run … while donning his full uniform.

The Rockies, in the Windy City for a three-game set with the Chicago Cubs that ends Wednesday, sent Cuevas out into the unfamiliar environs of Wrigleyville with a sizeable coffee order. Luckily for Cuevas, the Rockies also dispatched Daniel Castro and Harrison Musgrave to assist.

Rockies field reporter Taylor McGregor tweeted out further evidence of the challenges of Cuevas’ coffee run.

McGregor later tweeted out the tab amounted to a whopping $111.55.

When Cuevas’ Wrigleyville Odyssey was all said and done, it would appear the 26-year-old passed the considerable java challenge with flying colors.

Hopefully, Cuevas was himself rewarded with a nice hot cup of Joe after all that. Perhaps a caramel frappuccino, even.