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Justin Verlander responds to tweet from Yankees fan wishing him digestive distress

Justin Verlander pitched brilliantly in Tuesday’s start against the New York Yankees, scattering only three hits over eight shutout innings while striking out 14 batters.

Verlander was robbed of the opportunity for his fifth victory of the season after the Astros bullpen surrendered four runs in the top of the 9th for a 4-0 loss at Yankee Stadium.

Verlander’s standout performance had Yankees fans in a lather on Twitter, with one Bronx Bomber-backer wishing ill-will on the superstar pitcher.

Verlander somehow learned of this hating Yankees fan’s tweet and responded that, no, he had not experienced any significant gastrointestinal distress.

Good to know. Good to know.

The fact that Verlander actually took the time to respond to some random tweet is as amusing as it is curious. Although Verlander is well-known at this point for being somewhat prolific on Twitter; for humorous reasons, serious issues and otherwise.

That said, Verlander is known to be a huge fan and beloved customer of a certain fast food eatery, so perhaps the Yankees fan’s suggestion was not all that off-base.