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John Dorsey can’t see ‘anything good’ from Browns doing ‘Hard Knocks’

Cleveland Browns general manager John Dorsey has made it abundantly clear that if he had his way, the team would not be the subject of the upcoming season of HBO’s “Hard Knocks.”

“I don’t believe we’re on Hard Knocks,” Dorsey said Wednesday on ESPN Cleveland 850, as transcribed by “I don’t think there’s anything good that comes out of Hard Knocks, but we’ll see.”

The NFL has policies in place that determine which teams are candidates to appear on the HBO documentary series, with three conditions serving as exemptions. Due to not satisfying any of them, the Browns are one of six teams eligible to appear.

The Browns, with no shortage of intriguing story lines heading into the 2018 NFL season — highlighted by the drafting of enigmatic quarterback Baker Mayfield with the top pick in the draft, among other intriguing angles — would seem to be one of the more attractive options for the NFL for “Hard Knocks.”

Dorsey says he doesn’t know if the league already has tabbed the Browns for the show. But if that’s the case?

“You know what? They’ll do that, but it’s OK,” Dorsey said of the potential of the NFL to force the Browns to appear on the show. “I’m OK with it. I mean, you know what? It is what it is, but I’m OK with it.”

Dorsey was asked straightaway if he would simply prefer to not appear on “Hard Knocks.”

“I can go either way, you guys,” Dorsey said. “I mean, it’s the way football is, and, you know, I’m OK with it either way.”

Dorsey’s position against appearing on “Hard Knocks” is perfectly understandable. After all, the Browns are 1-31 over the past two seasons, while confronting myriad, albeit less embarrassing, issues navigated by teams hoping to improve.

“Hard Knocks,” while interesting theater, can arguably only serve as a distraction, as only four of the 10 teams that have appeared on the show have made the playoffs the following season. While the Browns may not be shooting for the postseason just yet, having one more thing on their plate certainly is not desirable.