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Bills captain: Josh Allen ought to ‘have a good answer’ for offensive tweets

Buffalo Bills captain Lorenzo Alexander said that Josh Allen, selected with the No. 7 overall pick, may “have to have a good answer” in some respects as it pertains to recently surfaced offensive tweets that cast the young quarterback in a negative light.

Alexander indicates he is encouraging his teammates to keep an open mind on the issue. However, Alexander also made it clear that one way or another, Allen will have to own up to his social media conduct back in high school.

“What I’m gonna do is extend some grace and wait to get to know the kid and he see how he develops,” Alexander told the Bills’ official radio program, via ESPN. “And that’s how you got to approach it.

“Now everyone might not have that same approach. I would encourage every teammate in our locker room to do that, but he’s gonna have to at some point, whether he does it in front of the whole team or one-off, somebody’s gonna ask him, ‘Why did you say that?’ Or ‘Why were you quoting those words?’

“He’s gonna have to have a good answer. I’ve listened to a couple of interviews and I think it’s gonna come from the heart and he’ll be fine. But he’s gonna maybe have to work a little bit harder from certain people in the locker room, but I don’t think it’s an issue because that’s who he was and not who he is.”

The tweets in question from Allen are from 2012 and 2013. Many of them, since deleted, contained racially slurs content and other offensive content.

Allen has apologized for the tweets, admitting Thursday that the resurfacing of them put him “in a panic” and that his “family is hurting” in light of the controversy. Allen has since stated he would discuss the tweets with his new Bills teammates if necessary.

Bills general manager Brandon Beane also indicated the organization did its “due diligence” on Allen before drafting him. However, Beane added Allen will have “to come in here and own it and has to earn the trust of the fans or organization.”