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Cowboys icons to serve as Roger Goodell boo-buffers at start of NFL draft

Roger Goodell for years now has been greeted with boos, hisses and catcalls whenever he approaches the podium at an NFL draft. A plan, however, apparently is in place that should prevent most fans in attendance Thursday night at AT&T Stadium from giving him a rude welcome.

As the host of the 2018 NFL Draft, the Dallas Cowboys have done the NFL commissioner a courtesy by planning to have a handful of team legends join Goodell on stage at the beginning of the evening’s festivities, per an ESPN report.

Goodell is expected to be flanked by Hall of Fame quarterbacks Roger Staubach and Troy Aikman along with current Cowboys tight end Jason Witten when he first steps out onto the stage.

“I’m sure he’s going to get a good response with us being out there,” Staubach said. “If they boo, all of us are in trouble.”

Interestingly, the news that Goodell will use Cowboys icons as quasi-boo-proof human shields comes just after Jerry Jones said earlier this week he hopes Goodell will be met with a “very positive reception” at the team’s home stadium on draft night.

Cowboys fans presumably are not big fans of Goodell in the first place, either. Jones’ comments of course come in the wake of a season-long feud between himself and Goodell last year.

The Cowboys owner at first was unhappy with the NFL commissioner over the handling of the Ezekiel Elliott suspension saga. Cowboys fans undoubtedly were not pleased with Goodell over the running back ultimately serving a six-game suspension. And that was not Jones’ only battle with Goodell last season, either.

That said, Jones is putting on all appearances of goodwill toward Goodell ahead of Dallas’ coming days in the NFL spotlight. The notion that Cowboys greats will flank the commissioner to get things started on draft night only further confirms it.