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Josh Allen says resurfacing of old offensive tweets put him ‘in a panic’

Josh Allen, after apologizing for how offensive tweets from his past surfaced on the eve of the 2018 NFL Draft, told ESPN’s Chris Mortensen on Thursday the situation put him “in a panic.”

The original tweets, posted when Allen was in high school in 2012 and 2013, contained racially insensitive content and slurs, among other offensive language.

“If I could go back in time, I would never have done this in a heartbeat,” Allen told Mortensen. “At the time, I obviously didn’t know how harmful it was and now has become.

“I hope you know and others know I’m not the type of person I was at 14 and 15 that I tweeted so recklessly. … I don’t want that to be the impression of who I am, because that is not me. I apologize for what I did.”

Allen issued his original apology to ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith during a late-night phone call on Wednesday, referring to the decision to tweet such things as part of being young and dumb.

Reports have since suggested in the aftermath that Allen’s ill-advised social media activity is unlikely to negatively impact his draft stock. Although it has been speculated that the release of the tweets so close to the draft may have been orchestrated by a team hoping it would cause Allen to fall down the draft board.

Uncertainties remain, though, as to the nature of how the tweets resurfaced in the first place, as reports conflict as to when Allen may or may not have deleted them, something he also addressed with Mortensen.

“I had even typed in keywords to see if anything I had tweeted popped up that I needed to clean up, but nothing like these came up or I just missed them,” Allen said. “My agency went over any past social media, and these didn’t come up after I did the search.”

Most of all, however, Allen regrets how the tweets have cast a negative light on himself and his family.

“It sucks,” Allen said. “My family is hurting. We never envisioned a day or night like this.”