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Yankees fan makes ill-advised run onto field, pays the deserved price (vids)

A fan clearly lacking in common sense made the ill-advised decision to run onto the field during the New York Yankees-Minnesota Twins game Tuesday at Yankee Stadium. Things ended relatively abruptly — and as warranted — as the miscreant trespasser was quickly corralled having been aggressively tackled by security around the second base area.

A couple videos posted to Twitter of the ill-conceived gambit and its meritorious aftermath as he’s led away by security staff:

The fan in question presumably will be charged with either one or more misdemeanors and such for his antics. However, if there’s any consolation for this individual it’s that at least he did not get tased in the process of being apprehended, like that Philadelphia Phillies fan from a few years back. So there’s that.

Either way, the case is often made that highlighting fans making the mistake of disrupting a game by storming the field only inspires others to do the same. However, in this instance, perhaps this fan’s experience will serve as a cautionary tale to others: Little good typically comes of engaging in such silly and lamebrained shenanigans.