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Logan Morrison takes shot at Yankees fans: ‘You can’t fix stupid’

Minnesota Twins designated hitter Logan Morrison, already not well-liked by New York Yankees fans, took a pot shot at the Bronx Bombers backers, essentially making the argument that they are, well, stupid.

Last season, when Morrison was still a member of the Tampa Bay Rays, drew the ire of Yankees fans when he railed against how catcher Gary Sanchez was invited to the 2017 Home Run Derby in Miami, citing the process was marred by a “flawed system.”

“Gary shouldn’t be there,” Morrison said at the time. “Gary’s a great player, but he shouldn’t be in the Home Run Derby.”

Morrison knew he would be targeted this week during the Twins’ four-game set in the Bronx for his criticism of Sanchez. While not too worried about any taunts and jeers, Morrison was aware what may inspire Yankees fans to come after him.

“They didn’t like the Gary Sanchez thing with the Home Run Derby,” Morrison said, via the Pioneer Press. “But you can’t fix stupid, you know?”

It’s of course irresponsible to paint an entire fan base with such a broad brush. Then again, Morrison is 100 percent spot-on when it comes to one Yankees fan who made an appearance at Tuesday’s game.

And the reception Morrison expected from the Bleacher Creatures and other fans at the Yankees’ home ballpark?

“I’ve heard a lot of stuff but it’s not original,” Morrison said ahead of the series’ start. “It’s, ‘You suck,’ all that kind of stuff. I mean, they’ll boo me, but other than that …”

Morrison’s start to his Twins career has been inauspicious at best, at worst merits some catcalls from fans, even from those who support the Twins. In 58 at-bats over 16 games, Morrison has slashed at a woeful .103/.212/.172 clip with only one home run and three RBI.

Add in how the Twins have been putrid, losing the series’ first two games by a lopsided 22-4 margin, it’s safe to say Yankees fans are letting Morrison have it.