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LeBron James on consecutive Finals streak: ‘It’s not like it was a goal of mine’

Of the many amazing accomplishments LeBron James has attained in his phenomenal career, perhaps the most impressive is his run of seven consecutive appearances in the NBA Finals. But the Cleveland Cavaliers superstar claims doing so was never in his grand plan, as it were.

Instead, James says reaching the Finals in seven straight seasons simply is a byproduct of his ultimate goal every year: Competing for a championship.

“How important is it to me? It’s important to me to try to compete for a championship every year,” James said Friday, via ESPN. “It’s not like it was a goal of mine coming into the NBA, saying ‘Let’s have a Finals streak.’ It just happened that way because I prepared myself and the teams were very prepared and good and talented to be able to compete for championships. It’s just been a product of it.”

The case can be made that competing for a championship every season and reaching the Finals every year is one and the same. Perhaps James does not quite see that way.

James can get very reflective, even philosophical, when achieving yet another career milestone, as was the case earlier this season. That said, James believes simply appearing in the Finals is not an accomplishment. Nothing short of winning a title means it was failed season to James. Perhaps that is why James is downplaying his consecutive Finals appearances, regardless of the magnitude of the achievement.

But for now? All James is presently focused on is reaching another NBA Finals this season. Whether it’s his eighth straight matters not.