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Sean McVay: Rams ‘have to wipe the slate clean’ ahead of 2018 season

The Los Angeles Rams, led by first-year head coach Sean McVay — the youngest ever in NFL history — far exceeded expectations in 2017.

And now that the team made a huge splash in recent months courtesy of several high-profile additions to an already formidable roster, McVay is making it clear the Rams “have to wipe the slate clean” as the team this week entered Phase I of its  offseason program.

McVay got things started this week by distributing t-shirts to Rams players, coaches and staff that boast the slogan, “We Not Me,” a team-first mantra that features buzzwords like “poise,” “confidence” and “consistency.”

The stakes are high for the Rams in 2018, not only for the team to build on its success last season —  winning the NFC West for the first time since 2003 with an 11-5 record — but also due to how the roster experienced significant upgrades.

The Rams this offseason have brought in cornerbacks Aqib Talib and Marcus Peters, defensive lineman Ndamukong Suh and wide receiver Brandin Cooks, creating an even more dangerous lineup on both sides of the ball than the one the team boasted last season.

“We’re excited about it; we’re optimistic,” McVay, 32, said of the Rams’ roster, via ESPN. “But we know that it’s a process, and that process is one day at a time.”

However, McVay is preaching levelheaded focus and appears wary that the team will use last season’s success as a reason for overconfidence.

“What we did last year, really, you have to wipe the slate clean,” McVay said. “We have to earn it every single day. There’s a confidence that exists from having some previous experience where you were able to obtain a little bit of success. But this league is too competitive; the players are too good. You’ll get humbled very quickly if you kind of just rest on your laurels.”

The Rams will not be able to sneak up on teams in 2018 as perhaps the team did last season. Pair that with a first-place schedule and the pressure is undoubtedly on the Rams. Hence the need for the “We Not Me” credo.