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Jaguars may have inadvertently revealed new unis at Jacksonville airport (pics)

The Jacksonville Jaguars had some April Fools’ Day fun earlier this month related to the anticipated roll-out of the team’s new uniforms on Thursday. But now it appears the Jags may have inadvertently revealed the new unis prematurely thanks to a mural at the Jacksonville International Airport.

Several Jaguars fans took to Twitter beginning Wednesday night to post images of a “Welcome to Sacksonville” mural in an airport terminal hallway featuring players donning the new uniforms that were in the process of being put up at the airport. has the inside scoop on what has changed with the Jags’ unis (via CBS Sports):

A.J. Bouye wears the white jersey and black pants. Yannick Ngakoue is in all black with Leonard Fournette in all white. Jalen Ramsey has on a black jersey and teal pants. Calais Campbell towers over them all, as usual, in a teal jersey in black pants. The helmet in Ramsey’s hand looks to be all black, but because the photo mural is in the secure area, it’s hard to tell from the spot near the numerous Do Not Enter signs that are an airport fixture.

The Jaguars would have no comment about the mural, a spokesperson told Thursday morning.

As noted, the Jaguars engaged in some April Fool’s Day shenanigans when the supposed new uniforms were “accidentally” tweeted out. The message included a note not to tweet the image until April 19.

The fake uniforms were widely hailed as a hit, even with the knowledge it was all a ruse. It will be interesting to see how Jaguars fans react to what is believed to be the team’s actual new uniforms.