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Pirates reward fans who attended Tuesday’s frigid game with ticket vouchers

The Pittsburgh Pirates did their part to reward the brave souls who braved the frigid, miserable weather and attended Tuesday night’s game against the Colorado Rockies at PNC Park. How? By presenting those fans who did make it through the gates with a ticket voucher for a game at a later date.

As the Pirates’ tweet astutely points out, hopefully the game fans choose to attend down the road will be played under more hospitable weather conditions.’s box score indicates 8,869 fans were in attendance for Tuesday’s 2-0 loss to the Rockies. Although looking at the stands during the game appears to show otherwise … or that most fans were seeking refuge in the concourses.

It has been a nightmarish start for the 2018 MLB season as it relates to absurdly unseasonable spring weather, with games being canceled — sometimes nearly entire series — all over the map.

With the cancellation of Wednesday’s game between the Chicago Cubs-St. Louis Cardinals game at Wrigley Field, Major League Baseball has endured 25 postponements in only the first three weeks of the season. That marks the most weather-related postponements through the month of April since 2007. And it’s only the 18th.

Sure, “real” spring will arrive soon enough — hopefully — but Mother Nature clearly is not a fan of April baseball at the moment.