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LeBron James won’t tempt ‘basketball gods’ with talk of advancing

LeBron James finds himself in an 0-1 hole for the first time ever in the first round of the NBA playoffs courtesy of the Cleveland Cavaliers’ surprising 98-80 loss to the Indiana Pacers at Quicken Loans Arena on Sunday.

James made it clear Wednesday that he’s solely focused on evening up the series at one game apiece and points out it would not be a good idea to look beyond Game 2 on Wednesday night. Beyond the obvious reasons, James would prefer not to tempt fate and anger the so-called basketball gods.

“I can’t think about advancing,” James said, via’s Joe Vardon. “I’m thinking about tonight, what my job is, how I can help change the game, help affect the game, try to be as dominant as I can. I don’t never think about advancing, I think that’s too much karma for the basketball gods, I don’t play with the gods like that.”

James also acknowledged the Cavaliers did not seem prepared for the postseason.

“I think we spent so much time trying to figure out who we were in the regular season and getting the right lineups and guys in and out and things of that nature, we could never build for the playoffs,” James said. “It was kind of like, build for the next game. So the postseason finally hit us and it hit us very well. And I think that can be the best teacher for us to know exactly what we should be ready for tonight.”

The Cavaliers obviously find themselves in a hole but clealy not an inescapable one. While it’s certainly not panic mode just yet for the James and the Cavs, the team without question needs to put forth a better effort in Game 2 and come out with a victory. Going down 0-2 to the Pacers heading to Indiana would create a situation even the basketball gods could not have predicted in their infinite wisdom.