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Did Dan Snyder troll Kirk Cousins fan with autographed photo? (pic)

A Washington Redskins fan claims to have received an autographed photo of Dan Snyder in response to a letter he wrote imploring the owner to keep Kirk Cousins.

Here’s the fan detailing how the situation played out on reddit:

On December 1 of 2017, I wrote a letter to Dan Snyder imploring him to do everything in his power to keep Kirk Cousins. Yesterday, I got a FedEx containing only an autographed picture of Dan himself

As noted, months went by with no response. And long after it was clear Cousins would not be returning — courtesy of the trade for Alex Smith — the fan received the following in the mail:


Ouch. Hilarious, but cold-blooded. The “HTTR!” message added to the photograph along with his autograph really completes the troll-job.

Cousins of course signed a huge free agent deal with the Minnesota Vikings. And this Redskins fan not only lost out on keeping Cousins but remains stuck with Snyder, not the most beloved NFL owners by the local fan base.

But hey, give Snyder some credit for having some fun with the situation … even if it was at this fan’s expense. Well done.